Quick start guide

To set up Sentai we need to connect devices and accounts, which includes your Sentai Alexa account and device, the Sentai app and the sensors and Hub. We've broken these steps down and once completed you'll be ready to go.

Please follow the start guide provided with Sentai

The main steps are:

Step 1
Install Sentai companion app

Step 2
Sign Up - I’m setting up Sentai
Verify your email using code
Complete account creation

Step 3
Set-up Sentai hub using on-screen instructions

Step 4
Set-up Sentai sub-devices using on-screen instructions

Step 5
Link Sentai Button, Sentai Connect skills and Sentai routine following the paper guide to ensure you add everything!

And finally, click the clicker to check everything works!

Additional useful information:

Please ensure you have the Alexa app on the mobile device you are using to set-up Sentai.

If you don't hear anything after your first click please raise a support ticket and we will assist you.

If you get an error that the hub cannot connect then you have entered an incorrect WiFi password. Click Ok on error, switch off the hub, select Back then Back again, re-enter WiFi details and continue.

If you don't receive the verification code email it could be because the email you entered is incorrect, the email is in your junk or spam folder or blocked by a firewall? If this occurs please raise a support ticket and we will assist you.

When resetting the hub during set-up the small red light has two possible sequences. One flashes at the rate of 2 times per second (fast). The other and the one that we want will flash once every 3 seconds (slow). If after resetting you have the fast flash sequence, repeat the process of inserting the reset pin until both lights go out. This should fix the issue and you'll see slow a flashing light when the hub comes back on.

When you have selected Smartlife in your device WiFi settings it's okay if it says no connection as the connection is done through the hub. This is also why it shows being insecure.  Your phone will go straight back to your home WiFi once the hub is connected.

If the tape on the clicker breaks as you remove it you can use a key or coin to remove the back of the clicker, retrieve the rest of the tape, pop the back on and continue.




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