Quick start guide


To set up Sentai we need to connect devices and accounts, which includes your Sentai Alexa account and device, the Sentai app and the sensors and Hub. We have broken these steps down and will walk you through them and once completed you will be ready to go.

The main steps are outlined in the pictorial guide below with handy QR codes to help (please download and save the attachment to zoom if required) and include:

1. Using our form submit your details and we create an account and provide your credentials (can take up to 24 hours)

2. Download the Sentai companion App

3. Set-up Alexa device - install and sign into Alexa app using Sentai credentials we provided

4. Edit Sentai button Routine (Alexa shortcut allowing Sentai to work on your Alexa device)

5. Download Sentai Connect App - this allows you to connect your hub, clicker & sensor devices - depending on your WiFi set up this may require an extra step so if you timeout while connecting please use the second QR code in QuickStart guide Step 05 to get more help



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