Medication FAQ's

How will Sentai know when to give medication reminders?
This is the time to take, make sure you add the accurate time, you can even add minutes!

Does Sentai ask if medication has been taken?
Yes, at the set time Sentai will ask if medication has been taken

Will I be informed if meds have been taken?
Yes, once a yes/no answer provided we'll update the Activity Feed

What happens if there is no response to med confirmation?
If we don't know we'll inform you we've not been able to get an answer

Should I add the type of medication and their name?
No, please use a friendly name that will be recognised e.g. big/small purple/green tablet/pill/liquid

Can I add medications that are starting in the future?
Yes, you need to add a start date which can be today or any date in the future

What if medications are for foreseeable future and there is no end date?
Simply toggle 'No end date' and the end date will not be used, the reminder will occur every day until you remove it

How do I add how much medication needs to be taken?
This is the quantity (also known as dose) which you should add when giving the medicine a friendly name at the top of the page when setting up the reminder

What if there are additional requirements like take with food?
You can add this information to the friendly name e.g. green tablet with food


How do I remove Medication:
Swipe right and select the delete icon

How do I edit Medication?
Swipe left, select the delete icon (rubbish bin) and set up again with the required changes. The edit feature will be coming soon! 

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