Reminder FAQ's

What kind of reminders can I add?
Anything you would like or can think of. Here are some suggestions/examples:

  • Put out the rubbish bins and/or recycling
  • Have a hot drink in the middle of the morning and/or afternoon
  • Inspirational message to brighten up the day, lift their spirits, make them happy
  • Suggestion to call someone for a chat, get some fresh our or do some gentle exercise or activity


What information do I need to include?

  1. Friendly reminder name - something that makes the message clear, e.g. Rubbish bins
  2. Information you need Sentai to announce, again, be clear, e.g. It's time to put blue bin out Mum
  3. Frequency, with following choices - once, once a day, once a week, once a month & once a year
  4. Time of announcement
  5. Start date
  6. No end date or toggle off and add an end date


How do I remove reminders?
Swipe right and select the delete icon


How do I edit reminders?
Swipe left, select the delete icon (rubbish bin) and set up again with the required changes. The edit feature will be coming soon! 

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