What is the Companion App activity feed?

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the information displayed in the companion App activity feed screen:


What's medication confirmation?
This is what we call the process for reporting if medication has been taken - it gives relatives and carers visibility so they know not to chase.

What is 'up & about'?
It's important that relatives/carers know when someone is awake and out of bed - so when the Sentai sensor detect movement and the morning routine has taken place - we record this as the user is 'up & about' to give relatives and carers with peace of mind.

What is 'shopping'?
There's nothing worse than arriving at someone's house when you've just been to the shops to hear they need something else. With 'shopping' Sentai builds a shopping list, which carers and relatives can access in real-time, so they can buy any must-haves in advance.

Will other relatives and/or carers know when I buy shopping?
Yes, simply mark it as done and it'll no longer show on the shopping list.

What is the difference between the upcoming, done and all tabs?
Upcoming events are due that day, done are today's activities that have been completed and All shows all activities regardless of status.

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