Emergency FAQ's

What should I do if I need help?
Option 1: Press and hold the clicker button until the small blue light goes out
Option 2: Press the clicker and when Sentai asks what you need say “help”

How do I trigger notifications to relatives and carers?
Follow the instructions above to activate the help procedure. When Sentai has gathered the relevant information a notification is automatically sent to your linked relatives

Will my relatives and/or carers be updated with what has happened?
Yes, the notification they'll be sent and the companion App activity feed will let them know

Will my relatives and/or carers be told if I can get to the phone?
Yes, the notification and activity feed will contain this information, so they'll know not to call

What questions will Sentai ask me when I need help?
Sentai will ask you a few questions to send key information to your relatives including:
- Do you need human help?
- Describe what happened?
- Can you get to the phone?

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